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KRIMA! reflected

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KRIMA! reflected in photo, video, word 
celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.
Gallery exhibition & multi-media installation
at Art in House Gallery, Lakeshore Mews, Barrie Ontario Canada

May 10 opening- meet the artists 3-5:30 and live performance 3:30 and 4:15:
with Simcoe Contemporary Dancers, and guest artists of Toronto’s AcrossOceans Arts
Admission free

Exhibit continues May 10–30.
Gallery hours:
Wed 10-5, Thurs 10-7, Fri 10-2:30, Sat 10-5, Sundays by appointment

Krima! Barrie is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit. It is a multi-arts project that has drawn together over 100 citizens of Barrie from all walks of life to respond to the question: “How do we manage to get by day-to-day?” and to share discoveries through performance, visual arts and word. The first public exchange was performances at The Creative Space November 23, 2014. COMING: “Krima! reflected” May10-30, 2015 at Art in House Gallery, Barrie Ontario is a multi-media installation of photos, video and installations that responds to the project themes through the lens of the Nov 23 performances. The May 10 opening includes live performance. The project is co-produced by Across Oceans Arts, The David Busby Street Centre, and Simcoe Contemporary Dancers.

Sometimes when we look at ourselves reflected back to us we see things more clearly. The gallery exhibition KRIMA! Reflected, is a reflection on the many ways we support each other to survive life’s challenges. It reflects participants’ generous discoveries, confessions and wisdom. And it is a catalyst for self-reflection to bring greater awareness to our connectedness.
Please join us at the May 10 opening celebration. The exhibit continues May 10–30, 2015.


Visual artists (photo, video, media, installation): Jon Lewis, Max Lupo, Ally Campbell,
Lyle Crump, Mitch Docherty, Stephen Elliott, Maxine Heppner, Colette Mesdag

Performers: Abby Taher, Alanda Theriault, Alison Keery, Anne-Marie McAllister, Ashley Frederick, Barry Prophet, Billie Ansley, Cailyn Fitzgerald, Carly Manuel, Chad Potter, Charlene Knapp, Chrissy King, Courtney Binnie, Danielle Rogers, Elisabeth Ashe, Eliza Pinney, Erin Greatrix, Jacqueline Brown, JessicaCampolucci, Jessica Wuerth, Josh Stafford, Junia Mason, Karolyn Owens, Katelyn Collie, Liam Smiley, Mackenzie Wright, Mary Caldwell, Mateo Galindo Torres, Maurice Bourne, Maxine Heppner, Mia Greatrix, Michelle Huggins, Mike Terry, Miko Sobreira, Myles Graham, Nancy Beardsall, Nancy Pottage, Naoise Moiety, Natasha Booth, Nicole Welsh Bolton, Nikki Glahn, Paulina Capeling, Pia Bouman, Philip Lock, Rob Morris, Sarah Bell, Sarah Lochhead, Sarah McGinness, Sashar Zarif, Shania Steeves, Shelley-Anne Walker, Sherry Palma, Susie Goodale, Suzanne Liska, Takako Segawa, Tammy Ovens, Tom Bolland, Ulana Romanish.

Exhibition Curator: Colette Mesdag with Maxine Heppner
Artistic Director/Creator/Choreographer: Maxine Heppner
Creation Directors: Junia Mason, Miko Sobreira, Takako Segawa

Administration: AcrossOceans, Busby St.Centre, Simcoe Contemporary Dancers, Art in House

What does “Krima” mean?  The first version of “Krima” was born in Athens Greece, where this modern Greek expression is part of everyday conversation. Said sarcastically by sympathetic friends when one complains about everyday annoyances, it is also used with great compassion when serious troubles occur, “Krima” loosely translated is “what a shame” or “quel dommage”.
The ancient form “Krimata” actually means “Crimes”.

Organizations cooperating for Krima! Barrie include: Across Oceans Arts, The David Busby Street Centre, Simcoe Contemporary Dancers, Art in House, Central United Church, Eastwood Secondary School, Orillia Dance Academy, Kreative Dance Company, Moving Art, The Creative Space and over 100 individuals who are sharing time and experience as idea generators and creators, performers, documentarists, social instigators and production and administration crew.

KRIMA Barrie was made possible with the generous support of:

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