Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SCD Holiday Traditions Part 4

As the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers celebrate the season through dance, they reflect on some of their favourite holiday traditions. 

"My mom and I have recently made it tradition to turn on the electric fireplace, pour a glass of wine, and crank Michael Bubl√©’s Christmas album while decorating the tree! Many years ago, my mom received an ornament as a gift, and if I'm being honest, wasn't the most attractive even in it’s prime. The paint is now chipping, but you can still make out an outdoor holiday scene that features the faces of the less than festive looking characters. Every year, she tries to leave it off the tree, but I sneak it in the back when I think she’s not looking, because I think it's funny. She knows it’s there, but leaves it because it’s a goofy tradition and it makes me happy."
- Karolyn Owens, Performer and Class Facilitator

“My grandmother is Ukrainian so we often celebrate Christmas Eve with a Ukrainian meal of borscht, beet soup and salmon.  My mom often gets out my other great grandmother's (she was Scottish) wedding china to eat our Christmas Eve meal off of.  I love feeling connected to all of the strong women from my past and present as we share this meal together.”
- Nancy Pottage, Associate Artistic Director, Dramaturge, Choreographer, Performer, Class Facilitator

“Christmas is a pretty big deal in my house. My mom is pretty decoration crazed. We have a miniature village that dwarfs our dining room table, a tiny fully functional village with moving parts that makes Christmas dinner very "cozy". On Christmas Eve we eat finger foods and enjoy beverages with my mom and dad’s best man and wife, they are holiday fixtures. We then get to open one present and get some pjs to sleep in that night. Christmas day is spent lazing around and slowly getting ready for family dinner that night. I have never stepped foot out of my family home on Christmas.” 
- Shelby Thoms, Performer and Class Facilitator

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