Saturday, December 20, 2014

SCD Holiday Traditions Part 2

As the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers celebrate the season through dance, they reflect on some of their holiday traditions. A holiday favourite for many is curling up by the fireside and watching a holiday movie. Here are some of SCD's favourites!

"My Mother and I make a big batch of popcorn and watch the Christmas Eve television screening of It's a Wonderful Life. This year we are watching it on the big screen as part of Cineplex's Classic Movie Series and we are bringing friends and family with us to share in the experience!"
- Sarah Lochhead, Founder, Artistic and Executive Director, Choreographer, Performer, Class Facilitator

"My family tradition is to always have, "A Christmas Story" playing on Christmas Day. It is generally aired on TNT for a full 24 hours and we let it play the whole time. We also have a Christmas Pickle. This is a sparkly ornament that is hidden in the Christmas Tree and the person who finds it gets an extra present. Its usually a present everyone can use. For example, one year I won and got the Michael Jackson version of Just Dance. Have a happy holiday season! "
- Chrissy King, Performer

"One of my favourite holiday traditions is watching all of the classic cartoons. My favourites include, "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer", "Frosty the Snowman", and "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
- Christie Roberts, Education Outreach Coordinator, Blogger

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