Thursday, December 18, 2014

SCD Holiday Traditions Part 1

As the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers celebrate the season through dance, they reflect on some of their personal holiday traditions. It comes as no surprise that the ballet classic, The Nutcracker, is a part of their holiday traditions.

"One of my favourite traditions growing up was performing in The Nutcracker. It was a family event with my dad playing one the fathers in the party scene and my mom helping out with costumes. I still get the tickle of excitement when I hear Tchaikovsky's overture. From a mouse to a mint, every year was special.”
- Ulana Romanish, Performer

"When I was growing up a dear friend of our family, Peter Wilkinson, would always take my mother and I to see the Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre in Detroit Michigan. Peter was a kind and generous man who helped nurture my dance education through subtle ongoing encouragement. He would often save articles and clippings about dance from the New York Times and the Globe and Mail for me to read. I still have them in a binder on my bookshelf. In his honour I have tried to pay forward his kindness by taking some of my friends' children to dance performances or helping with the purchase of dance shoes as a Christmas gift. This time of year reminds me of him and these special outings we shared that inspired me to keep dancing." 
– Sarah Lochhead, Founder, Artistic and Executive Director, Choreographer, Performer, Class Facilitator

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