Sunday, February 16, 2014

That moment when...Jessica Ransom

That moment when...

I'm standing on the side walk, waiting for the light and my body weight shifts forward without a conscious decision to do so. The light turns green. I fall out of the suspension, letting my weight carry me forward as I cross the road, nearly doing low Modern runs in the process.

I'm talking to my friend about HTML and whether I would judge something on the actual HTML coding or the final look. I said both. My explanation was simple: Yes, you have the skills to create technically difficult codes. But another part of it is having the skill to know which colours are decent together and to have legible text (not too small and in a legible font). Aesthetics aren't materialistic - it's a skill, too. And this is the moment when I realize I'm really talking about dance - You can lift your leg to your head, but if you don't have the artistic skills as well, it won't matter.

I'm not feeling well at work and use my knowledge of moving my limbs without 'muscling it' to get through it. Letting my joints act as hinges, initiating the movement for moving objects without tensing the rest of the muscles of the arm. Using momentum also helped - all of these different techniques I've learned from dance throughout the past few years, especially, helped me get through a very ill day.

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