Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Ways I Love You - by Christie Roberts

Recently, SCD executive director Sarah Lochhead approached me about performing as part of the lineup at the Open Mic Cabaret in Barrie. After deliberating about which piece of company repertoire I might perform, Sarah and I thought it might be fun to instead choreograph something new.

I have been dancing with SCD for several years now and have not previously been inspired to choreograph my own work. However, over the past few months I have felt like I wanted to express some of my experiences as a new mom and the challenges of getting back into the work world outside of the home through movement.

When choreographing, some artists like to work with movement first while others find their inspiration in a piece of music. For this work, I knew I needed just the right music to express my feelings.  Surprisingly, while browsing facebook one day, I happened to journey through a series of links and was delighted to discover a folk/indie musician from my hometown.  I recognized her as a friend of my extended family and immediately found inspiration in her melodic tones and lyrics. Using movement phrases inspired by SCD company classes, I began to play around and collage the movement together in a new way.

The song that inspired me is titled “The Ways I Love You” by Faye Blais. I titled my choreography with the same name, which embodied the very feelings and emotions I was hoping to express. Feelings of being in love with my life at home as a mom and the challenges of also trying fulfill my creative and professional self outside the home.  My performance at the Open Mic Cabaret can be described as my edited rough draft, and I look forward to revisiting and working with the piece as it continues to evolve.

I want to thank Sarah Lochhead and the Open Mic Cabaret for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to create this piece. I also want to thank the beautiful and talented Faye Blais for her inspiring music.

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