Friday, March 1, 2013

My First Dance: Jill Eisener

1. What was your first experience with dance?
“My first experience with dance was at age 5 when I accompanied my cousin to her class. Funny enough, I did. not. like. it. The discipline, stretching, following instructions - not for me. My real first dance experience was when I was 10 and signed up for dance classes, to help with competitive skating, at the Nicole Jacklin School of Dance in Alliston. However, this time I wasn't messing with Ballet, it was time for something funky, so I went with Jazz! I fell in love with the rhythm, the expression, my teacher, dance friends, and belonging to a community in the studio.  I really lucked out when choosing between the two dance studio ads, of course I chose the prettier ad, and I've never looked back!”

2. Is there an early dance experience that stands out in your memory?
“I remember when I made the conscious choice to take dance seriously. I was thirteen, spending half my time with competitive skating, and every other night dancing. At that point, I was taking jazz and acro, and I knew what I needed to do to bring myself to the next level in dance... Ballet. If you read my earlier story, you would know that I was no ballerina, and had previously stopped dancing because of it.  I was hesitant, but jumped in whole-heartedly. After that, the dance bug was caught, goodbye skating, hello dance!”

3. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger dancing self?
“No regrets, I wouldn't say or do anything differently. I learned everything through trial and error, and it made me the dedicated dancer I am today!”

4. How have you evolved as a dancer since that first experience with dance?
“Well, I started as a lanky twig with absolutely no core control, who had a love of moving. Today I have found a new philosophy for my dancing… why I do it, who I do it for, where it stems from, and what I consider dance to be.  These are things that I always try to reevaluate within myself and keep an open mind to.”

5. What are five words that describe dance to you?
“Communication, expression, relief, home, endless love. (sorry...that's technically six).”

Thanks for sharing Jill!

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