Friday, March 22, 2013

My First Dance: Christie Roberts

1. What was your first experience with dance? Where? Who? When?

I began my dance career around the age of 7 at the Ida Sauve Dance Studio in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. My earliest memory is surrounding our year-end recital, more specifically, our costume! The routine for our tap/jazz class was titled “Rockin Robbins.” We wore a shiny black lycra bodysuit that bore an orange chest, as well as a matching black lycra cap that had a tiny orange beak  perched in the centre of our foreheads. We were pretty cute!

2. Is there an early dance experience that stands out in your memory?

Costuming being one of my favourite parts of preparing for a performance, a memory that stands out to me is when I tried on my all time favorite costume for the first time. This particular costume was for those of us playing the male role in the piece. It was a hot pink with black pinstripes, satin suit. It came with sequined suspenders and a black fedora to top it off! I still have this costume; I must have been about 11 years old at the time. It was, and still is, fabulous! 

3. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger dancing self?

If given the opportunity to go back in time to speak to my younger dancing self, I would say “never stop dancing!” I left for 10 years before I found my way back to the dance-floor. I mourn the loss of those years of training now,  but I am overjoyed to have found it again! I would teach myself that dance is SO MUCH MORE than a phrase of movements set to specific counts! I would say "let go of your inhibitions, and keep dancing!"  ;)

4. How have you evolved as a dancer since that first experience with dance?

My many years of training and performing as a young dancer put the intial movement in me; this never left my body. Over the past few years however, while dancing with SCD, I have progressively enriched my perspective and awareness of the elements of dance in a variety of ways. By letting go of my preconceived notions of a mold that dance must be confined within, I am allowing myself to continuously evolve as a dancer, building strength, technique, and creativity.

5. Off the top of your head, what are five words that describe dance to you?
Fluid, emotive, breath link, storyteller, embodied

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