Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Process: New Creation - formerly known as Fall Creation Period (Post 3 - Sarah Lochhead)

I'm surprised that it has taken me this long to blog about this work again ... it has changed a lot since Choreographic Marathon and continues to evolve as we rehearse.

Choreographic Marathon was a very valuable and intense experience.  I'm very glad that I was on the choreographer side of things as I could see that the lack of sleep and condensed rehearsal process was very physically challenging for the dancers.

What we left with felt like a "reader's digest" version of the final piece and now as we continue to rehearse I can feel it taking shape and making sense ... to me anyway.  For those of you who attended our Winterfest performance, that was the condensed version.

Here's a photo by Andre Beneteau taken at our Winterfest performance:

 Regan McQuoid, Nadege Blackhall and Jessica Ransom of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers in Sarah Lochhead's new work in progress / Photo by Andre Beneteau

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