Wednesday, January 23, 2013

City of Barrie budget debate suggests funding cuts for cultural grants

On Monday night during budget deliberations an amendment was made by Councilor Doug Shipley to cut $50,000.00 from the Cultural Grants program in the 2013 City budget. 

If this is ratified next week then not only will individual artists be affected but all of the not for profit arts organizations that apply for funding will be impacted.

Representatives from our local arts council have put in a deputation on behalf of the arts community.

It would be fantastic if we can show our support by attending the City Council meeting:
Monday January 28th at 7pm 

I encourage all of you living in Barrie to contact your local Councillor by phone or email to express your concern. For those of you outside of Barrie, you could consider a letter discussing how arts and culture bring you in to Barrie on an ongoing basis.

Stand by for an official advocacy campaign roll out from the arts council.

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