Monday, November 19, 2012

In Process: Fall Creation Period (Post 2 - Sarah Lochhead)

The bits and pieces of movement material are finding ways to collide and merge. I've been working intensively with company members Jessica Ransom and Nadege Blackhall as we string together a "rough draft" of the work.

I'm finding myself sitting in that judge-y place of the process right now - where you distrust and discredit your instincts.  I feel very fortunate to be working with dancers who are willing to try anything and are excellent on calling me out when I'm being negative and suggest "Let's try it and see where it goes."

Overall I still feel like there is much to be excavated in the material and look forward to our next rehearsal.

I'm very happy to announce that we will be bringing this new creation in it's rough beginnings to Toronto to take part in The Choreographic Marathon (c) presented by Across Oceans.  The three day experience (including an overnight stay at the studio) will provide feedback from mentors, Maxine Heppner, Jessica Runge, Susan Lee and Takako Segawa.  

Former SCD apprentice, Regan McQuoid will be joining us as a guest artists for this event!  There will be a workshop showing on Wednesday Dec. 19 in Toronto (details under Upcoming Events).  Not to worry if you can't make it down as we will also be showing the work in February in Barrie - details coming soon.

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