Thursday, April 26, 2012

National Dance Week - Day 5: Dance Empowers Canadian Youth - by SarahLochhead

Today I was at Warnica Public School and the grade sevens were putting the final touches on their duets.

It was great to see the majority of the groups digging in and making choices about the details of their work. Over the past month it has been interesting to see how each group has evolved.

When I was a teenager, oh so long ago, I remember feeling like dance was where I belonged. It was where I had a voice and felt comfortable to be myself.

Through our company's summer program "My Moves - Choreographic Intensive" and our apprenticeships, our goal is to create a space where youth can belong and connect to the broader dance community.

Aliyah Gaines, one of our choreographic apprentices, will be premiering her work "Pressure" at The Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival in June. Her piece will be part of the Youth Moves Series and feature a cast of our three company apprentices. It has been an honor to help provide a platform for her creative vision to be realized.

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