Tuesday, April 24, 2012

National Dance Week - Day 3: Dance Expresses Diverse Communities – social cohesion - by Christie Roberts

When I think of social cohesion I think of “community”. Community is defined as a group of people. I see community as joining together of people for a common purpose. Community is what I experience through my world of dance.
Dance can be found across time and culture. It is a universal language that unifies humans. All people can relate to at least some form of dance that they have experienced in their lifetime. It is used to celebrate, tell stories, mourn, exercise, as art, and as initiation to name a few. Dance reminds us of our common bond as humans.
Members of SCD and Con Moto Dance in Meaghan Giusti's work Plaid

Certainly in any given dance community, the members are as unique as the many different styles of dance that exist. Individuals gather in places where similarities and differences between dancers are celebrated. Through the art of movement, one can share their passion, culture, history, and personal experiences. It is when we communicate that we begin to understand one another and become increasingly cohesive.
When dancing together, dancers are speaking one language unifying their diversity. Once class breaks or the dance ends, the dancers will go their separate ways, leaving behind traces of their time together as a trail that guides them back to that space again each and every week. 

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