Saturday, April 14, 2012

Adopt -A- Class: Warnica - by Sarah Lochhead

At Warnica I've been working with the grade 7 students on choreography and how approaches to creation relate to language and literature.  We've been building movement phrases based on spelling our names and exploring how the various elements of dance can alter these basic gestures into more complex phrases.

The social differences between working with grade seven's as opposed to grade sixes is astounding. Working with a partner of the opposite sex creates buzz and laughter where as the grade sixes don't even seem to notice or care.

Some students have reacted with expressing to friends, "Dancing just wasn't on my bucket list" - while others are truly digging into the experience and creating some very interesting pieces!

I know dance isn't everyones cup of tea.  I have and will continue to reiterate that I'm there to share my passion for this art form with them and even if they never dance or choreograph again after our time together that at very least there will be respect for the level of dedication, focus and drive that goes into the process of choreography and training.

I think the power of having an opportunity to create something out of seemingly nothing with your body and space as your only tools is the take home message here.

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