Monday, April 2, 2012

Adopt -A- Class: Cundles Heights - by Sarah Lochhead

After having two sessions last week at Cundles Heights - I'm very excited to head back tomorrow.  The students seem to be taking more risks in their movement choices and genuinely seem to be having a good time.

Last week we played a game exploring movement variations - kind of like broken telephone.  In groups one dancer performs a movement or holds a gesture and the next person can either change the level or the instrumentation (body part).  

Afterwards I asked the students if they had any comments. One student said "That was awesome!", so I asked, "What was awesome about it?"

They said, "It was cool to try and change the movement as much as possible but still connect it to the first move."

... and so a choreographer is born ... 

YES! That is awesome! It's a fun way to challenge yourself to create a unique but cohesive vocabulary of original movement.

With the drudgery of deadlines, budgets and other such admin, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and overloaded.  This class fanned the flame of inspiration and helped me through a very challenging week.  I am truly grateful to have a chance to create and share with this amazing group of students.

I'm looking forward to reading/hearing their homework: questions about having a career in the arts; and ideas for our choreography for the Spring Assembly!

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