Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adopt -A-Class: Cundles Heights - by Sarah Lochhead

Today was my first day visiting Ms. Orr's grade six class at Cundles Heights Public School as part of the City of Barrie's Adopt-A-Class program.

Adopt-A-Class is a new program in which artists in any discipline, interested in contributing to the artistic development of students in their community, can adopt a local class and share the joys, challenges, skills and unique experiences involved in being an artist. This year it is a pilot program fostered by a partnership between the Simcoe County District School Board and the City of Barrie through its Department of Culture. 

Today we dove in and experienced Limón based modern dance.  It was breathtaking to see a group of 30 students doing arm swings as we explored volume and lift.

We also worked in pairs to experience the elements of flight through our own movement.

I'm a kinaesthetic learner who also loves working with numbers and puzzles, so part of what I hope to bring to classroom is a connection between science, math and dance.  Dance is not a separate silo of a discipline, it connects to and realtes to so many aspects of our experience ... even to subjects that can seem really abstract.

I'm excited to see everyone again next week as we continue to work creatively and get to know one another. The students were amazing listeners and dove right into the experience.  I was thoroughly impressed with the level of respect they had for one another and the positive interactions they had during group work.

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