Saturday, February 18, 2012

Celebrating with the United Way - by Sarah Lochhead

For the past four weeks, we had the pleasure of working with staff members of the United Way Greater Simcoe County to develop a flash mob style conclusion for their annual Celebration.  The celebration was to reveal the 2011 Campaign Achievement as well as to honour  individuals and organizations who have contributed to various aspects of the campaign.  

It was quite a different experience to perform at an event, since our performance was a surprise for the audience.  The audience's reaction was very positive as we wound our way through the tables to Kool & the Gang's song Celebration building up to the Campaign Achievement Announcement.

All of the employees (a.k.a. the dancers) did a wonderful job and seemed pleased with what we accomplished in such a short time.  I was extremely impressed with the dedication and attention to detail during our rehearsal process.  One participant mentioned that at first they were not sure about the whole flash mob idea but in the end they had fun and learned a lot about what it takes to put a dance together.

I learned a lot too and not just about working with new dancers or about creating a flashmob than wove through tables. This experience was very educational as I learned more about the work and support the United Way Greater Simcoe County provides for our community. 

The event took place on Thursday Feb. 16th, 2012 at Georgian Downs and was filmed by Rogers Television.  
It will be televised on Roger TV - Cable 10  on:
Saturday Feb. 25th @10pm
Sunday Feb. 26th @ 9pm
Monday Feb. 27th @ 12pm

For additional air times and dates visit:

To find our more about the United Way Greater Simcoe County and how you can support their activities visit:

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