Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Process: Looking Back and Moving Forward (Carly Manuel)

Celebrating two years with the company...going on year number 3! I cannot believe it has been that long. In a way it seems like forever ago that this company got started, but sometimes it feels like yesterday.

Being a part of it has been so rewarding in so many different way. Not only being able to continue a career in dance after college but also meeting individuals who became my friends and even what I would consider my family!

 I'm not going to lie...moving to Barrie was quite frightening in the beginning. Yes I knew Toronto was only an hour drive away, and I was fully anticipating on heading down on a regular basis to continue training and auditioning. However, life does get in the way sometimes. For myself, trying to create a life here was a difficult start. Just getting a job in order to pay for my training became close to impossible!!

In time I found that job...and made friends...and began this new life....but my dance started to slip away as most of my time was spent working in order to make enough to simply live. REAL life was kicking in...and kicking in hard!!! Then finally when I was at my whit's end..."audition in Barrie for the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers".....WHAT???? A professional level dance company in Barrie??? BEST DAY EVER!!!! I don't believe I could explain just how good I felt reading about this audition. Making it into the company...even better! Finally things were going in my favour!!

Now, two years down the road, I look back on where I was and where I am now and couldn't be happier!

The tricky part is in the future now...but I am looking forward to that journey!

Stay tuned......

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