Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Process: Fall Creation Period (Post 3 - Nicola Russell)

It really feels great to be a part of another choreographic process.

I am working with choreographer Aliyah Gaines on her new piece and it is quite exciting how the piece is changing week to week. The dynamic of the piece has taken a real turn in direction due to the piece originally being a duet and is now a trio.

During the first rehearsal we were working towards the idea of 2 dancers against 1, which gave the idea of segregation and constantly trying to catch up with others around you. Then the next rehearsal Aliyah shared a picture of a shoal of fish in formation and it completely took us on a change of direction with the movement.

We explored flocking to become more of a unity with each other. Using specific choreographic devices including canon we were able to achieve the idea of different individuals working as a team, which evoked the idea of fish in formation. The piece has changed so much in just a few rehearsals I am so excited to see what changes in direction will happen and how it will develop into the finished piece.

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