Monday, September 12, 2011

... what a difference indeed

Mayor Lehman summed it up best this weekend when he said '... the artists in our city now have a facility worthy of their talent.' The Mady Centre for the Performing Arts is a beautiful facility and we were honoured to be part of the celebrations this weekend. For those fans out there who were not at the gala, here is a video of our group version of "Betty's Bench" from dress rehearsal. The group version was created especially for the gala celebrations. We all came off stage on Saturday feeling it was by far the best we had ever performed Betty's in the two years that it has been part of our repertoire. We are truly thankful to everyone involved with making this theatre a reality for our community!


  1. shivers. i always loved this solo but may even love it better as a quartet.

  2. Thanks! I agree ... it feels complete this way.