Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Integrity - a definition in action

Today in class we did a straight forward battement exercise from the corner. After one crossing I gave the note that the transitions required more attention and integrity. One student bravely asked "What is integrity?"

My definition on the spot was not very clear at all. I referred to it in the sense of taking the moral high road - which isn't what I meant at all. To which this student replied "What does that have to do with dance?"

Well it has a lot to do with how to behave in an audition setting but yeah how does it apply to battement?

I knew what I meant and could demonstrate it in movement but I felt like this blog might be the best forum to give a proper definition.

Here are some highlights of the definition of integrity that I feel apply to what I was after in class (from my lovely apple desktop dictionary):

"... the quality of being honest ... the state of being whole and undivided ... the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction ... internal consistency."

This same student may not have understood the word itself but exemplifies integrity in every class by making modifications to exercises to improve her understanding of alignment, diligently applying corrections and asking questions to ensure she understands.

So to this student I revise the previous definition and simply say ... integrity = you.

Keep it up!

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