Saturday, May 7, 2011

In process: Woven (Post 11 - Sarah Lochhead)

Today I finished making the pre-show playlist. I like to select songs that fit thematically with what the audience will see to get them in a related frame of mind.

One of the songs I chose was "The Crane Wife 3" by The Decemberists (my favourite band).

According to good ol' Wikipedia:

"The Crane Wife is an old Japanese folktale. While there are many variations of the tale, a common version is that a poor man finds an injured crane on his doorstep (or outside with an arrow in it), takes it in and nurses it back to health. After he releases the crane, a woman appears at his doorstep with whom he falls in love and marries. Because they need money, his wife offers to weave wondrous clothes out of silk that they can sell at the market, but only if he agrees never to watch her making them. They begin to sell them and live a comfortable life, but he soon makes her weave them more and more. Oblivious to his wife's diminishing health, his greed increases. He eventually peeks in to see what she is doing to make the silk she weaves so desirable. He is shocked to discover that at the loom is a crane plucking feathers from her own body and weaving them into the loom. The crane, seeing him, flies away and never returns."

To me this tale really connects to all of our individual characters: Wounded, falling in love so deep you loose yourself, sacrifice, calm resolve to do what is necessary to get through a difficult time, flight, change and perseverance.

Here is a video of The Decemberist's lead singer Colin Meloy singing all three of their songs based around the story of The Crane Wife from their album of the same name. Well worth a listen. It's my favourite album of theirs for sure.

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