Monday, April 25, 2011

In process: Woven (Post 5 - Nicola Russell)

Nicola Russell in Trish Armstrongs' work Tainted Love /
Photo by Sarah Lochhead
Our new piece Woven has suddenly blossomed out of group rehearsals
and things seem to be just falling in to place without us even trying to make them
work, its awesome when a piece does this!

The piece formed from 6 solos has become a whole entity of art, which seamlessly
links with every aspect explored in Trish Armstrong and Sarah Lochhead’s
choreography. It has been mentally, emotionally and physically connected by the
amazing Nancy Pottage who is directing us and providing the script to the links
between each solo.

The first group rehearsal we had focused on us individually reconnecting with past
memories or feelings that came to mind when saying specific words e.g. home,
forgotten, and love. We were given specific movements to cycle through whist
focusing on memories that came to mind with the words that were connected with
each movement (this exercise was taken from Sarah Chase’s workshop that Nancy
Pottage took in Toronto). 

From this we moved on to individually saying out loud a
specific memory that came to mind whilst still cycling through the movements. In
doing this exercise and from delving into our own memories we were getting better
connected not only with ourselves but also with each other.

From this, our second group rehearsal just laid everything into place for us. We
blocked through the planned transitions both Sarah and Nancy had pictured for us
and we just made the needed changes and/or additions where needed. 

I cannot even explain to you how much the transitions just made sense to us all…it was like we
already knew what needed to happen between specific solos, and elements that we
had discussed in introducing to the solos just happened without us trying to make
them happen. So this is what it feels to make true organic art?!

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