Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In process: Woven (Post 4 - Christie Roberts)

Christie Roberts in Trish Armstrongs' work Aneurysm
/ Photo by Sarah Lochhead
In preparation for the upcoming show Woven, the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers have been learning created works created by both Trish Armstrong and Sarah Lochhead. Each of the dancers in the show has a solo work to perform that encompasses the overarching theme which is about the threads of life experience that weave the stories of women together.

Trish Armstrong created the piece I have been working on titled Aneurysm. The title is derived from the Nirvana song it is performed to. When I first watched the video of this piece being performed I immediately felt connected to the work. The choreography and lyrics spoke to me, they told me the story of a woman who is outside of herself, experiencing something foreign that challenges her understanding of who she is and how the world around her is evolving. Through the learning process I have established a more personal connection and interpretation of the work. I have been going through a number of changes in my own life, and thus have likened myself to the role that I am so privileged to dance. The piece has challenged me as a dance artist while expressing the changes I have been experiencing as a woman.

I am excited to share the work with our Woven audience on May 8, 2011. Please come and experience the interwoven themes that bind us all together.

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