Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In process: Woven (Post 2 - Sarah Lochhead)

Our upcoming show Woven is almost ready for the stage!   It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with Nancy Pottage and share ideas and talk about art over sushi dinners, tea and emails.

On one such epic in-depth discussion I mentioned to Nancy that this show seems to embody both of my parents' artistic passions. My mother is a textile arts goddess! I spent many a Saturday stomping wool to make felt and helping hold ends of warp threads to prepare her loom.  Although I'm not as patient with my knitting and crochet projects, I do enjoy that textile arts are opposite to dance - when you are finished you have something tangible you can hold in your hands.

My father is an amazing photographer.  He takes stunning pictures of nature and also loves to capture places and objects of personal or societal historical significance.  I'm sure that there are pictures of the same buildings multiple times - one taken ten years ago, the other twenty.  He records these lapses of time through photos and is always eager to share the story behind the image.

There's no denying that I'm related. This production seems to channel their artistic curiosities just as much as it does my own.

The West Montrose Bridge / photo by Brian Lochhead

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