Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arts Vote

The following is from the Canadian Arts Coalition website.


The date was February 12, 2010 and Canadians were settling in for a live broadcast from Vancouver, British Columbia. That night, through the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada told its story to 67.5 million people around the world - and we did so through the arts.

For thabrief moment, every Canadian watching thanight was engaged in a collective imagining of how, through the arts, their story of Canada might  be told.


They give depth and meaning to our lives. The arts celebrate our humanity, broaden our horizons, demonstrate our openness. They are a civic right and a beacon for our future. They enhance our childrens experience of the world, feed their imaginations and their intellects, and help them to grow into responsible, well-rounded citizens. The arts are an important segment of our society and our economy. Internationally, our arts and artists promote Canadas reputation as a dynamic, prosperous, inclusive and fair society.

We know that our artists are inventive and generous storytellers. We also know that the beneficial impacts of the arts –social, creative and economic are best sustained by an economic model that  balances  private and public investment. Public investment enables greater access to the arts in our schools, libraries, galleries, museums, cultural centres, and at community events, and more affordable performances for adult  and school-aged audiences alike.

Our artists are among our best ambassadors to countries around the world. They help build our international reputation as a dynamic, prosperous, inclusive and fair society. Enlightened govern- ment policy and investment is critical to the distribution of Canadian stories around the world.

To achieve this vision, and to catalyze Canadas creative economy, during this election campaign the Canadian Arts Coalition is asking all parties to sustain and, over time, increase federal investment in the  arts by an additional $120 million annually through the  Canada Council for the  Arts; and acknowledge the role that Canadian artists and artistic innovation can play in enhancing Canadas international reputation, by embracing cultural diplomacy and investing in international market access and  development initiatives that  will bring Canadian artistsad artistic innovation to the world stage.


The arts and culture sector contributed $85 billion to Canadas GDP in 2007 (7.4% of Canadas real GDP).

SOURCE: Valuing Culture: Measuring and Understanding Canadas Creative Economy, Conference
Board of Canada, 2008

The cultural sector generated approximately $25 billion in taxes for all levels of government in 2007. This is more than three times higher than  th $7. billion tha was spent on culture by all levels of government in 2007.

SOURCE: Valuing Culture: Measuring and Understanding Canadas Creative Economy, Conference
Board of Canada, 2008

The cultural sector has about 600,000 workers, which is about double the level of employment in the forestry sector in Canada (300,000) and more than  double the level of employment in Canadian banks (257,000).

SOURCE:  A Statistical  Profile of Artists  in Canada : Based on the  2006 Census, Hill Strategies
Research, 2009

In 2005, two thirds of Canadians read a book (66.6%), one in two attended a performance by professional artists or a cultural festival (48.8%), and one in four visited an art gallery (26.7%).

SOURCE: General Social Survey, Statistics Canada, 2005

In 2008, Canadians spent more tha twic as muc on live performing arts ($1.4 billion) than on sports events ($0.65 billion).

SOURCE: Survey of Household Spending, Statistics Canada, 2008

The arts are important for personal health an well-being, havin an impact on personal confidence, sense of control, social connectedness, education, and ensuring supportive physical environments.

SOURCE: Arts and Culture in Medicine and Health: Survey Research Paper, Cooley & Associates,

The Canadian Arts Coalition is a national, non-partisan movement made up of business leaders and arts philanthropists, sponsors and volunteers, artists and arts organizations. We are united in the belief that the future of our citizens, their towns and cities, and indeed the nation itself depends on access to a rich, vibrant and diverse arts community.

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