Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pro D in NYC: Sarah & Andrea's epic adventure (Post 7 - Sarah Lochhead)

Yesterday I took an intermediate Limon class with Jim May. He taught us phrases from Limon's work Unsung - a tribute to American Indian chiefs. The phrases were strong, percussive and rhythmically complex. I don't remember learning very much Limon based work that carries on these elements and dynamic qualities. Jim is a treasure and I can hardly wait to take his class tomorrow!

He asked me after one phrase 'How did it feel?' I answered that 'I felt connected.' He said 'Connected isn't a feeling, take me somwhere. Show me where you are dancing. What is the landscape?'  This direction took me out of my analytical brain (for once) and really helped me sink into the feeling of the movement and enjoy the shapes and sounds I was making in the space.

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