Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pro D in NYC: Sarah & Andrea's epic adventure (Post 5 - Sarah Lochhead)

Things are going well in NYC. Despite some internet issues at first
and getting turned around on the subway more than
once, it has been a trip of full of inspiring insights.

The city has culture pumping through its veins. Teenage hip hop artists belting out
original poetry on the A train - break dancers at Bleaker St. - thumb
piano and flute at 42nd St. - fashion, theatres and art galleries
almost every block. The dance classes have been fantastic. The staff
at Peridance are giving and supportive. We are learning lots and
making connections between the imagery and explorations in the
classes. We are certainly holding our own and representing our
community well.

Last night's show at The Kitchen was inspiring and tonight we see Martha Graham Dance Company. Stay tuned for more pics.

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