Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art Vote Counts

From the Barrie Arts Council:

Every vote counts in the upcoming municipal elections on 25 October 2010. Art Vote Counts too.
Barrie Arts is working to survey all the candidates regarding arts and culture, with the intent of posting an Arts Report Card to aid voters in finding arts-friendly candidates.

We call on artists, arts workers and supporters to act as advocates for Art Vote Counts in the upcoming elections. With your help, we can reach a wide base of community members, and help them inform themselves about their Ward race and the Mayoral race.

Oh, and we want you all to vote!

So, what questions would you ask each candidate?
Here are a few questions to get you started, but please see for our complete and updated list.
  1. What do the arts mean to you? What do the arts mean to our city?
  2. What do you think of the city’s Cultural Plan?
  3. Do you support public funding for arts and culture infrastructure, like the Downtown Community Theatre and the Library expansion? Why?

If you have questions, please submit them on the Art Vote Counts page.
And please help us spread the word.

Art Vote Counts

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