Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, the places we go!

by Sarah Lochhead

This past weekend we had the pleasure of participating in a film shoot with choreographer Meaghan Giusti on location at the Delawana Inn. The shoot was to create a film version of Giusti's work "Plaid", which she set on SCD this summer. Members from the original Toronto cast of "Plaid" joined us too - giving us a tartan army of nine.

I got to thinking about all the places we have danced this past year: malls, parks, studio theatres, larger theatres, sidewalks, city hall, beaches, rocks and mossy trails.

In dance, whether it be in choreography or pedagogy, we often relate movement to images, objects, textures or other elements found in nature, but how often do we step outside of the studio and explore these images first hand?

I think we could take a cue from the acting world and do some "method dancing." If the direction is to run like there is wind at your back, at the first opportunity step out on a windy day and experience what that feels like!

Maybe I'm just a sucker for Isadora Duncan inspired garden dances, but nothing beats the feeling of opening your arms to the blue sky and spinning with grass under foot. Isn't that why we started dancing in the first place?

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