Saturday, July 24, 2010

In process: Summer Creation Period 2010 (post 7 - Christie Roberts)

I discovered Simcoe Contemporary Dancers at a local dance show this past Spring, Celebration of Dance in Barrie. When I saw them dance, I immediately felt connected to their work. After the show, I researched SCD, and I discovered the drop in classes offered on Sundays. I attended class and decided to come back in two weeks for the company audition. I was very nervous, but everyone involved was encouraging and welcoming. I was invited to join the company and began working with SCD when the Summer Creation Period began in June 2010.

The time that I have spent with the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers so far has been an incredible journey. I believe I was meant to find this group of incredible dancers as their presence in my life has been a gift. Thank you SCD!

Sarah Lochhead and Christie Roberts in rehearsal for Susan Kendal's work "Penumbra" / photo by Margaret Lochhead

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