Saturday, July 24, 2010

In process: Summer Creation Period 2010 (post 5 - Carly Manuel)

Year two of the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers has already given us some challenges to overcome. We are working very hard but unfortunately have had to suffer a few injuries along the way. Injuries are always apart of the dance industry but never get any easier to handle physically or mentally.

For myself, this somewhat recent injury is my second major one, and the same injury at that. Back when I was ten I managed to sublux my left knee cap during a dance summer school....years down the road it happens again. It is definitely very frustrating, however I have now learned that my left knee needs some 'special' attention.

As 'in shape' as we may think we are, there is really never a guarantee. We must keep working hard, training our bodies to hopefully avoid these mishaps in the future...but also educate ourselves on how to attend to and prevent further problems when they do come up!

Kieren Day and Carly Manuel in rehearsal for Susan Kendal's work "Penumbra" / photo by Margaret Lochhead

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