Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warm Welcome in Waterloo

This past weekend, we performed at a fundraiser for the University of Waterloo's Varsity Swim Team. It was an absolute blast!

The line up included a broad range of dance forms and age groups. Among the performers were the Cambridge Youth Theatre Dance Company, Arte Flamenco Spanish Dance Company and Haft Vadi Belly Dancing.

We hit the stage right before intermission - just in time to get the crowd laughing with Jesse Dell's comical duet Swim Girl Swim. In the second half we performed Sea Anemone as a duet!

The swimmers showed off their moves in the final number to a mash up of rockin' classic songs like "Everybody dance now!"

All and all a smooth experience (minus some shaky lane changes on the 401), a great venue and welcoming crowd. "Waterloo - promise to love you forever more."

A big thanks and congratulations to Kristie and all of the Swim Team for organizing this wonderful event.

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