Saturday, September 5, 2009

In process: Performances (post 5 - Brittany-Brie D'Amico)

Question: How do we as dancers/performers keep the choreography fresh?

For some, the thought of repeating the same three dances over and over again each Saturday, would bring extreme boredom. As dancers we see this as an opportunity to expand and experience the meaning of our movement (whatever 'the meaning' might be).

Performing in different environments allows room for ...
change, chance and freedom. The best part about our company is we can make our own decisions to what we believe is beautiful- Choreographic choices that mean something to us as dancers. This allows our choreography to keep its freshness every time we perform.

If we had only performed each dance once, we wouldn't have realized that 'Betty's Bench' can be performed as a trio or that the 'Sea Anemone' (when danced with less company members) forces you to improvise on the spot in the contact section or that using different speeds when performing the gesture section for 'Whats the rush?' is more effective.

The late, great, Anna Pavlova is a great example of an artist who has found ways to keep her performance fresh. I recall hearing that after performing Fokine's 'The Dying Swan' about 4,000 times, Pavlova grew so close to the choreography she asked for the nurses to prepare her swan costume while she was on her death bed ... now that's dedication ... something to think about.....

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