Saturday, September 5, 2009

In process: Performances (post 4 - Carly Manuel)

We got ourselves some honey fudge! Yes you heard me…HONEY FUDGE! At this past Saturday’s show, as we were performing across the street from the farmers market, a gentleman walked up to us, handed us a jar of Honey Fudge and thanked us for the entertainment. It was AWESOME!!! So I would love to send a big shout out to Lavender Hills Farm for their support!!!...we love fudge! Lol

As well, this past Saturday seemed to be one of our best days performing in terms of support. We had so many thumbs up and shouts of encouragement, it was incredible. It made me think ...

“People are noticing and appreciating dance in the community!”

On that note, with our first project as a company coming to a close, I cannot believe how fast everything has gone. It feels like we were just in rehearsals last week!

Anyways, this has been one incredible and rewarding journey. I have met some fantastic dancers as well as people! I'm sad that this project is almost done, however I am looking forward to our future as a company. I know we have only touched the surface of what we can accomplish as a group of hardworking, passionate artists and know that the world will be seeing a lot more of us as the months and years come. Festivals, small gigs, large gigs...we will be there!!!

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