Sunday, July 5, 2009

In process: Untitled - water piece (post 2 - Sarah Lochhead)

"Water water on the seeds
To my left they rose and leaf
To my right cross Seven Seas

Maybe maybe they'll stay true
My seeds will cross and then take root
... "

-Fiest, from the song Lonely Lonely

When I first moved to Barrie in 2007, I felt alone. I had left my friends in Toronto and moved even farther away from my family. My husband and I were making our own way - choosing a new place of our own to call home, but ...


it took me a lot longer than I expected to feel at home.

I worked in a coffee shop downtown, went to the Saturday market, taught at community centres, but still I found it hard to make friends especially when winter hit and the city fell into a snow silent hibernation.

That first summer, I spent many days sitting by the waterfront. This is one of the many things Barrie has over most cities, a beautiful, green, lush waterfront. This was the one place I felt at peace and even though I was lonely, I didn't feel alone.

The radiant blue sight, soothing sound, ever-changing texture and crisp cool aroma of Kempenfelt Bay opened my heart to possibility of calling Barrie home.

Slowly I began to build a social life here. I joined a book club and online community's of local artists, found ways to work locally and then the unthinkable ... I gave up my 416 number for a 705.

I am proud to call Barrie HOME and through this choreography, I hope to embody the
mesmerizing texture and beauty of the bay - a way of saying thanks for opening my eyes to the environment around me and welcoming me with open arms onto your shores.

[photo by Raluca Ganea]

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