Saturday, July 4, 2009

In process: Rehearsals (post 1 - Carly Manuel)

So, the Simcoe Contemporary Dancers have begun! I could not be more excited to be back into the dancing grove again! It has been way too long!

We started our first rehearsal on Sunday June 21st which went very well! I know I was personally a little nervous getting started, wondering whether or not all of us would get along or "mesh" well in terms of our dancing abilities lol. Boy was I mistaken!

All of us were completely on the ball! We share the same passion for dance and the love and support of making this company work! It is always so great to meet a group of individuals that want something to work just as much as yourself ... and we have it!

I look forward to the rehearsals ahead of us to see how we progress and what we create as a group of artists. The way things have started, I think the end results will be beautiful! I cannot wait for the shows to begin! Look out for us!!!

[photo by Raluca Ganea]

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