Thursday, July 30, 2009

In process: Performances (post 3 - Sarah Lochhead)

I always thought "making it" in the arts meant playing Carnegie Hall.

Our first day of performing completely changed my mind about that ...


When you go to a performance in a theatre, it is common courtesy for the audience to applaude. That is the custom. You buy a ticket, watch a show and applaude.

As a performer that is what you come to expect.

On Saturday when we started dancing at the market, most people went on about their day. Some people seemed unsure if they should watch us or not.

The sound of one person applauding that day meant so much more than being in a theatre. That one person decided it was important to stop what they were doing and show their support. Not as a custom but as a choice.

I'd like to thank Jamie and Rebecca for their feedback at our in studio showing. They suggested we not wear matching shirts and that if we did, we might cause and unintentional barrier between audience and performer.

All I hope is that our dancing allows people the opportunity to look at the space around them a little differently. Perhaps a new awareness of this space can lead to a stronger connection to our environment and to each other.

[photo by Jocelyn Tucker]

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