Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In process: Performances (post 2 - Nikki Russell)

During our first performance we danced at Queens Park where a cyclist who I'll call B took the time to stop and watch us perform "Sea Anemone." At the end of performing this dance we all moved along to get to our next spot and we commented on how nice it was to see someone take the time to stop and watch what we are doing. It was a great feeling! But B then took the time to walk over and talk with us about what we had just performed. He said that he was completely moved by what he had just seen and stated that he saw some magical moments within the dance.

B asked us about a specific moment within the dance when we all pause and trace over something with our hands, he commented on the fact it looked like we were tracing water…which was in fact what we were trying to achieve! B had no idea what our piece was about and to be able to pick out that image really was amazing and rewarding to us.

[photo by Raluca Ganea]

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