Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In process: Betty's Bench (post 6 - Brittany-Brie D'Amico)

Written by Brittany-Brie D'Amico as if spoken by Betty herself:

"It's those type of flashbacks where I wish I could freeze time forever. You know, the memories that take over your mind causing you to think of nothing else, transforming your body into the magical story you once lives so long ago. These are the moments I will never forget.

Sure we had our differences ...


... in fact I could probably count them only using my fingers, but our arguments never came between us. We respected each others opinions too much.

You know I often think of the time he proposed. It was the happiest day of my life. Must have been so hard keeping such a secret all to himself. I remember how surprised I was!

Well, it's about time I get going now ... did I tell you my husband and I used to sit on this bench? There was this one time we took and unusually late walk down to the park. He brought a small radio and played music as we danced around.

Sometimes when the wind blows and the temperature is just right, I can still feel the placement of his hand in teh middle of my back ... until we meet again I will keep coming back to the bench you carved my name in."

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