Saturday, June 27, 2009

In process: Betty's Bench (post 5 - Wendy H.)

A lovely suggestion for the ending of Betty's Bench sent via email by Wendy H.:

"I see Betty, remaining on the bench. She looks around her - nothing coming, nothing going; she breathes a wistful sigh and closes her eyes. Is she reflecting in that moment on the life that was, the life that could have been, or the life that is - her life, lived on her terms. She breathes deeply, quietly, otherwise motionless and expressionless. She seems at peace, but is Betty suppressing contempt for that life, or expressing content that life? It begins to appear to the audience that perhaps Betty's life, however she viewed it, is coming to an end. And so appears a stray Ginger cat jumping up beside Betty, conveying the audience's wonder. Slowing Betty glances down, the slightest smile crosses her face, she lifts a frail yet empowered hand to the nudging, knowing cat and turns her gaze to the distance - neither of them are done with life yet."

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