Sunday, April 26, 2009


Simcoe Contemporary Dancers is a not-for-profit professional performance ensemble, based in Simcoe County, Ontario. As local artists, our goal is to raise visibility and participation in contemporary dance by: Providing workshops/classes for adults at an intermediate to advanced level of training; creating and performing works that are relatable and engaging to the general public; and providing public access to dance through performances/community involvement.

What is contemporary dance?
Contemporary dance has its roots in Modern dance, an early 20th century reaction against the rigidity of ballet. It is characterized by its versatility as it can be danced to a variety of types of music/sounds or united with other dance forms to create fusion styles of movement. Contemporary dance allows each choreographer or author of a dance to develop their own alphabet of movement or to borrow from preexisting movement vocabularies.

It is the belief of founder Sarah Lochhead that contemporary dance provides the broadest most inclusive spectrum of movement vocabulary as a basis to create. Contemporary dance is inclusive of all body types with a focus on what each individual has to offer to the creative process. The artistry of the form embraces all ages and ability levels.

[photo by Omer Yukseker]

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